Tuesdays Aug. 23rd - Oct. 25th

Welcome to Care Night at theChapel! We are excited to help you take steps toward the life that God intended for you.  Care Night is designed to help everyone take their next right step by offering inviting spaces to pray, opportunities to share, and safe spaces to talk it out as you learn and grow alongside others. Care Night is for you, no matter where you may be in your relationship with God or with others. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to email

Let’s talk it out.

We’re all sorting through stuff. So, we’re offering you someone to talk to. Our counselors & pastors are available to talk with you about a variety of subjects for men, women and couples. Let’s talk it out! Each conversation is typically around 40 minutes, but it can be as short as you’d like. 😉

Take a class with us.

We’re also providing some in-person groups and classes to help you learn & grow. Join us each Tuesday night at 7pm. These last approximately 60 minutes. (On a mobile device, please tap the card to see more.)

Spiritual Growth
Becoming more like Jesus.

Build on the foundation of your faith in Christ to help you embrace your purpose

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Life's Healing Choices
Overcoming hurts, habits,and hang-ups.

We’ll move beyond our hurts and habits into healthiness by exploring God’s plan for wholeness in our lives.

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When you’ve lost someone you love.

Find hope and healing after the loss of a loved one.

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When to say yes. how to say no.

Learn how to build healthy relationships by establishing and maintaining effective personal boundaries.

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Raising Life-Giving Kids.

We’ll share biblical tools and personal experiences to help us model and shape healthy families.

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Fight for each other, not with each other.

The course offers a married couple the tools to build a strong and healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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Empty Nest
Keeping a full life.

Learn how to reconnect with your other half, and redefine your relationship with your adult children.

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Toxic Thinking
Get out of your own head.

Let’s break the cycle of toxic thinking so we can transform our mindsets, behaviors, and even our circumstances.

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Godly Decision Making
Making wise choices.

We make 35,000+ decisions a day. We’ll talk about the ones we make on the fly, and the ones that require us to pause and lean into God.

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Getting better, not bitter.

Let’s discuss how to heal and move forward after experiencing divorce.

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Join us for Prayer

Every Tuesday Night beginning Tues., Aug. 23rd, theChapel will be open for prayer from 6-9pm in the Worship Center.  We’ll set the atmosphere with soft music, encouraging scriptures, and prayer banners throughout to help guide you in prayer with a variety of topics. Feel free to pray on your own or ask one of our prayer team members to pray with you.