Starting September 14th! 

Welcome to Care Night at theChapel! We are excited to help you take steps toward the life that God intended for you.  Care Night is designed to help everyone take their next right step by offering inviting spaces to pray, opportunities to share, and safe spaces to talk it out as you learn and grow alongside others. Care Night is for you no matter where you may be in your relationship with God or with others. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to email

Let’s talk it out.

We’re all sorting through stuff. So, we’re offering you someone to talk to. Whether it’s in-person or online, our counselors & pastors are available to talk with you about a variety of subjects for men, women and couples. Let’s talk it out on Tuesdays between 6-9pm. Each conversation is typically around 40 minutes, but it can be as short as you’d like. 😉

Take a course with us.

We’re also providing some in-person experiences to help you learn & grow every Tuesday night. Each experience begins at 7pm and lasts approximately 90 minutes. (Hover over each topic to see the description & to sign up. *On a mobile device, please tap the card to see more.)

Spiritual Growth
Becoming more like Jesus.

Learn to walk in true freedom as it relates to your worldview, past, personal value to God and your purpose in His Kingdom.

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It's wedded bliss not wedded blisters.

Gain practical support to strengthen your relationship, whether you're in a good spot or struggling!

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Getting better, not bitter.

Find a fresh start. We'll experience help, healing and gain hope for the future!

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Quitting for a lifetime.

We'll find God's plan for wholeness, growth, spiritual maturity and happiness -- one healing choice at a time.

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Hard Hat Required.

Get the tools needed to help shape and determine the direction of your kids lives.

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When you’ve lost someone you love.

We'll learn to create a new normal after the loss of a loved one.

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You get what you tolerate.

Learn when to say "yes" and how to say "no" in order to take control of your life & set healthy, biblical boundaries.

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Blended Families
Forming a new life together.

We'll learn how to make two families work like one by providing practical, realistic solutions to the issues you'll face.

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Join us for Prayer

Every Tuesday Night, theChapel will be open for prayer from 6-9pm in the Worship Center.  We’ll set the atmosphere with soft music, encouraging scriptures, and prayer banners throughout to help guide you in prayer with a variety of topics . Feel free to pray on your own or ask one of our prayer team members to pray with you.