You belong here! There are plenty of ways to connect at theChapel. It’s time for you to jump in.

Groups are where the community starts to feel like a family. Some groups study, some work on projects together, and others share a hobby. View all of our groups below & click into a group you’re interested in. Click “Contact Group Leader” to let the leader know you’re coming! Then, build some relationships and do life together.

Below are all the Connect Groups meeting during the fall semester!

Chillin & the WordWednesday7:00-9:00pm50+(Offsite) Rarden HomeGeneral StudyNoOpen
Gifts of the Holy SpiritWednesday7:00-8:00pm18+(Offsite) Bobala Home"Miracle Invasion", Dean MerrillNoOpen
God’s Plan RevealedWednesday7:00-8:30pm21+OnsiteOnsite - theChapel Building BGeneral StudyNoOpen
Lang LadiesWednesday7:00-8:30pm18+(Offsite) Lang Home“Discerning the Voice of God”, Priscilla ShirerNoOpen
Master Plan of EvangelismWednesday7:00-8:30pm18+Onsite - theChapel- Worship Center"Master Plan of Evangelism", Robert ColemanNoOpen
Mosholder CouplesWednesday7:00-9:00pm35+(Offsite) Mosholder HomeGeneral StudyNoOpen
Out of EgyptWednesday7:00-8:00pm21+Onsite(Offsite) Tarpon Springs PaneraDeliverance from AddictionNoOpen
Tacos NorthWednesday7:00-9:00pm18-29(Offsite) Yuscavage HomeGeneral StudyNoOpen
Tacos SouthWednesday8:00-10:00pm18-29(Offsite) Gammon HomeGeneral StudyNoOpen
Green Couples Thursday6:00-7:30pm25-50(Offsite) Starbucks, Northwood PlazaGeneral StudyNoOpen
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