Sundays in Room 101 starting April 11th at 9:30am


Intentional Parenting Class - 4 wks. beginning April 11th 

No matter how good our intentions are as parents, we all occasionally slip into survival mode.  How do I make my kid behave right now?  How do I diffuse this tantrum, or defiant teenaged argument? How do I launch a successful young adult?  How do I make it to bedtime? 

Quick-fix parenting may temporarily ease a parent's stress level, but it does very little in the long-play of raising children. It's full of good intentions, but is it actually intentional?  Intentional parenting stops us from reacting to our kids, and instead, gives us a strategy to respond to them.  Parenting isn’t easy, but it is eternal, and God has equipped you perfectly for the kids He gave you.  You just need a plan to replace your good intentions with intentional parenting! 

Join us for Intentional Parenting, a four-week course beginning April 11th at 9:30AM in the Multipurpose Room (room 101), as we discuss how to effectively parent our children! To join the course, complete the signup form:

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