Meet the need.

At theChapel, we get to play a part in sharing and helping carry the burden of our church families. From helping mow a yard of an elderly couple, visiting with a grieving husband in the hospital, or fixing a leaky faucet of a single mom, we have teams forming that need you.

Below are three teams you can join to help make an impact in our community.

No family should have to choose between food or other necessities. In The Pantry, we provide items to our community and church families in need.

When crisis hits, we can provide some instant encouragement to lives of theChapel families by knocking a simple item off their todo list through Care Meals. theChapel kitchen cooks and delivers meals to families in crisis and help them move forward with the next right thing.

We are all called to care for people. We want to provide care and support for individuals and families in crisis.
When families in theChapel have a physical need, we want to be the hands of Christ and meet the need the best we can. Our Special Projects team will serve alongside those in need of lawn care, an upcoming move, or light maintenance and home repairs.

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