At theChapel, we Make a Difference through serving! It’s a big deal to us that we stay connected and helpful to the world outside theChapel. Our schools, businesses, neighborhoods, government and friendships all need followers of Christ.

theChapel is not just a place you go to, it’s a place you go from

Outreach is part of our lifestyle. We all have a responsibility to walk out the doors of our home, church or office and demonstrate God’s power through the way we live and the way we serve.

“…if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”

Next Collective Serve Day: Coming Soon!

Collective Serve Day is quarterly event where we get to serve alongside others in our community to make an impact. Our community should look different because there’s a life-giving church in the neighborhood. Click the video to see a recent Collective Serve Day.

Outreach Projects:

To find a list of our upcoming outreach projects, or to make us aware of a need in our community, download the SERVE app for your Apple or Android device:

I have a need.

God has been so good to us! We’re blessed to be a blessing to others. We’d love to help you get the help you need. From walking through a tough season of life to helping with your next meal, we have teams ready to help. God’s people have lovingly donated money, time and resources and we view it all as God’s, not ours. Therefore, our resources will not be given away unwisely, but with prayer and loving discernment.

What type of need do you have?

  • FINANCIAL: theChapel does at time offer financial assistance to our community.
Request Financial Assistance
  • FOOD: In the interest of helping others, we do have a food pantry and at times provide care meals for families in transition.
Request Food Assistance
  • CARE OR SUPPORT: We all walk through times where a little extra care and support is necessary. We’d love to walk with you through whatever season of life you find yourself in.
Request Care or Support
  • SPECIAL PROJECT: We love helping our single moms, elderly, and families in need. Our teams are ready to step in and offer a extra hand!