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Next Water Baptism: Feb. 29/Mar. 1 during all weekend services.

Water Baptism is a chance for you to show the world that you have made a decision to follow Jesus. We like to say that it’s an outward expression of something that is happening on the inside.

When the water is too chilly, typically between the months of November – February, we baptize inside the Worship Center of both campus locations.

Countryside Campus: Sun. 10:15am
Tarpon Springs Campus: Sat. 6pm & Sun. 8:45, 10:15, 11:45am

When the tides are high and the weather is right, you’ll find us at Fred Howard beach. You’ll spot theChapel families around the red flags. We’ve got plenty of towels and a change of clothes available for you as well. No sign-up needed!

What about Kids?

Every child can have a personal relationship with Jesus, and at theChapel we encourage them to make a decision to follow Him. If your child is ready to be baptized, we’ve created a guide just for them. Click here to access theChapel Kids Baptism guide!

For questions or more information about Baptisms, email Tracy@theChapel.cc