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Want to go a little deeper in Discovering Purpose?

Here are some Resource Videos that will help you learn even more about yourself AND theChapel.

Discover Your Design

Let's talk about how your design reveals your destiny.

You are a Leader

What is "Leadership"? Well, it's a lot more simple than you may realize.

Finances and Church Government

If you've ever wondered how theChapel is governed or how it approaches finances, this video lays out our leadership structure as well as how the Bible guide our use of finances.

What Qualifies a Leader?

It takes more than skills and talent to be a leader... let's talk about the one thing that every leader needs.


We're gonna share the secret sauce with you about what's going to make theChapel feel so special to you... because honestly, we don't wan it to be a secret.

Connect Groups

Make a Difference

We all NEED to Make a Difference. It's actually in our DNA. Let's talk about it.